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Jan 05

Ideas for Interior Painting

The most important spaces in our lives are inside our homes, and for these reasons can benefit from a new look.


The most cost effective and quickest home improvement project is interior painting. You can transform the look of a room or your entire house just by using paint. Interior house painting can be as simple or as elaborate as you prefer. In order to be the one in control, you need information. That’s what this article is all about. Connecting you to the basic interior painting information you need to complete the transformation of your living space successfully. 

The cost savings and decorative improvement with painting a room can be substantial when compared to other improvements such as new carpet or furniture. With the right colors, the feel of a room can change completely and become a more enjoyable living space. The use of dark or vibrant colors can add spice to a dull room. But beware. These are difficult colors to apply. 

Confining vibrant colors to one wall for an accent wall is a great way to change the overall feel without breaking the bank. Painting just one wall can be a quick and easy way to achieve a new look. Depending on the technique, your results can be casual, quirky, or sophisticated. You can mimic the look of almost anything from ancient crumbling plaster walls to leather. All you need is a collection of the right paints and the right tools.

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Using Decorative Techniques to Hide Flaws

Every home has them. Flaws that detract from the beauty of the home. Decorative faux techniques offer a way to camouflage a multitude of different interior flaws, including uneven and damaged drywall and walls that aren’t quite plumb.

Geometric designs such as stripes can make a room seem smaller or larger than it really is. You can also make a room seem larger by using a color wash in a cool light color over a warm off-white base color.
Color washing, lime-washing and sponging can take dents in drywall and turn them into shabby chic accents that look like they were planned. Using paint with a matte finish for your decorative painting project will also help you hide flaws in the wall.

Using Wainscoting and its Painting 

Wainscoting is a classic, beautiful feature of many fine homes. It adds a sense of stateliness and a level of detail that can set a home apart from its neighbors. In many houses, the walls and wainscoting are painted a simple white. However, is there more you can do with wainscoting? Absolutely! We are happy to share some ideas with you for how your wainscoting and walls can be painted for a more individual, attractive appearance.

Solid Colors for Wainscoting and Walls 

The simplest way to add visual interest to your rooms is to paint your wainscoting one solid color, and the walls a contrasting color. For example, bright white wainscoting looks fantastic with a rich brown, an ocean blue, or a deep red on the upper part of the wall. Another beautiful option that is showing up in designer plans is to have silver-gray wainscoting with a light gray or white wall. Whatever color you choose for the wainscoting, the crown molding should be the same.

Patterned wallpaper with wainscoting

If your wainscoting is a clear, bright white, another option that looks very sharp with this is to use a patterned wallpaper on the upper part of the wall. Since the wallpaper is only going to cover 1/2 to 2/3 of the wall, you can choose an intricate pattern without worrying that the room will feel too busy.

Painting frames and panels for wainscoting

While some types of wainscoting are quite simple, the more elegant varieties are created from a series of frames and panels. To make the most of this level of carpentry detail, you can have the wainscoting painted in more than one color. The most common choice would be to paint most of the wainscoting one color, but to choose one repeating detail (a frame) to paint a second color.

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