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Jan 05

Adobe bricks

Adobe bricks, the most ecological and available constructruction material we recommend to our clients.


The enhancement of the local material that is the earth is one of the most ecological means of construction that the builders and architects have not sufficiently explored. new forms of blocks or bricks, ever more exotic, are constantly emerging, accompanied by increasingly sophisticated manufacturing processes. Below is an illustration of a brick wall with modern shapes, a real opportunity for industrialization, the raw material of which would be within reach as long as there is land that can be used as a quarry. Our local craftsmen have mastery of it, and make ready-to-use material available to businesses and individuals, with the possibility of installation in the event of demand.

Selon le type de sol utilisé dans la fabrication, les briques peuvent disposer d'une cetaine texture. selon les moules, elles peuvent également séemboiter tout simplement les unes aux autres dans le processus de pose, ou alors exiger un mortie. dans la gamme des variétés, quelques unes offrent la possibilité d'y passer directement du ferraillage, ou d'effectuer des formes particulières surtout dans le cas des clôtures extérieures.

 IMG 20200211 WA0024  

IMG 20200211 WA0022




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